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Success Stories

"When I came to NOVA, I was broken, desperate and alone.  I had lost my job, my home and my family. Even though I knew my drug use was out of control, I kept using because I thought I had nothing left to lose. To be honest, I came to treatment with only the motivation to have a place to sleep, get three meals a day and try to convince my family that I had 'changed'.  Little did I know that I did have something more to lose - ME!  My first few weeks in treatment was hard. I tried to ignore reality staring me in the face.  Once I decided to open my heart and my mind to the possibility of living a sober life, I began the first day of the rest of my life. The staff at NOVA helped me identify why I was using drugs, my triggers for using and coping skills I can use to stay sober. They stood by my side and told me that I am important and to believe in myself. They also reached out to my family and included them in my program. As weeks passed, my family could see that I was really trying. I wanted to earn their trust....... I graduated from NOVA a few years ago with the knowledge and skills to stay sober. I am happy to report that I am still living a sober life.  I have a good job, a home and........ I have my family back".  Thank you NOVA.