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Success Stories

“My husband and I became foster parents after several years of being empty nesters. We felt like we had more to offer children and foster care seemed to be the best opportunity for us. We have been foster parents with NOVA for nine years and have had placement of more than 25 children. Each and every child that has come into our home made a great impact on our lives. There is nothing more precious than being part of a team to reunify a child with their family. NOVA has been there with us every step of the way. We have always felt supported. NOVA is more than an agency, they are part of our family. “

~ NOVA Foster Parents ~ 

“I came into foster care when I was 13 years old. My mother was a drug addict and made choices that put me in harm’s way. Truth is, I should have been removed years earlier, but that life was the only one I knew. I went to three different homes before I met my forever family. People used to tell me families don’t adopt teenagers, but my family showed me what love really meant. I will always love my biological parents, but now I have a chance at a successful future. I will never be able to thank NOVA enough for matching me with my new and forever family.”

~ NOVA youth, age 16 ~