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Success Stories

"It seems so strange to me that I am actually graduating from the NOVA PRTF program.  It is something that I did not expect for myself, especially this being my fourth treatment center.  I didn't place much hope in NOVA helping me and came into NOVA with a negative attitude and outlook on life.  I was very abusive to the people that were trying to help me while being very defiant for the first few months that I was at NOVA.  I ran away once, just to come back and change everything. Through my own error, NOVA showed me the glory of second chances. Since the age of 13, I have been in and out of placements and foster care, so what I came to find at NOVA was very surprising. The place was well decorated........ and staff were welcoming.......  From day one, I felt as if NOVA was a second family to me.  I have grown to see how much care and love truly goes into our treatment here from all of the counselors and therapists who dedicate their time and attention to our recovery. I was overwhelmed  by how much thought and planning goes into NOVA, how the group process works, also with the various routines and procedures and how knowledgeable the counselors and therapists are. The main thing I would like to thank my therapist for is never giving up on me and always standing by my side, through thick and thin. I have never, throughout my life, had someone stay on my side and try and help me as much as she did. This is what I thank her for......... I learned a new way to live and I feel confident in my ability to stay sober. I know that NOVA doesn't get all the credit for my success, because I have done the work, but I would like to state that NOVA definitely deserves the credit for providing me the tools which I used to obtain the laurels of graduating".  

~ PRTF Youth ~